Shooting Class in Brazoria, Texas

Shooting Class in Brazoria, Texas

Houston and the surrounding area are known for the humidity and very hot temperatures during the summer, which is something I didn’t experienced at all this past weekend. Some said it was the Gabby’s effect, they said I brought the rain from Miami, and it literately felt that way; the rain came with me on Friday when I arrive Houston and left Sunday when I left Houston to visit San Antonio.

On Friday I had a meet and greet event at Tactical Firearms in Katy, TX where I met fans, signed autographs, I did a book signing. At the end of my visit I did the Tactical Firearm’s Challenge which consisted on shooting 20 rounds with a maximum of 100 points as follows:5ull1

–          Target #5: 4 Rounds @ 5yds
–          Target #4: 4 Rounds @ 10yds
–          Target #3: 4 Rounds @ 15yds
–          Target #2: 4 Rounds @ 20yds
–          Target #1: 4 Rounds @ 25yds

Shooting with my wedges (showing up the guys), and a terrible illumination ‘cause they wanted to make it difficult to the contestants my score was 90, I felt it could have been better but I had been up since 5am to travel to Houston, so I was Ok with my score. The guys at the range were impressed with my shooting abilities.

1236662_574488449280146_1839319240_nThen, we drove to Bass Pro Shops in Perland, TX where I was supposed to give more autographs, and book signing but due to an accident in the road it took me nearly 2 hours to get there. Adults and kids were waiting for me all this time and they even played Where is Gabby? Game.  Tim Corvin the manager of this Bass Pro Shops was Awesome as well as everyone who made this happen including the Red Dawn Team.

My shooting classes were held in Brazoria thanks to Red Dawn Training who hosted the event. The rain didn’t ceased since the night before, and the forecast was not promising. I prayed for the rain to stop so I could teach the class more comfortably, however it did not happen it started raining harder and the wind picked up. 20130921_0754041We then decided to continue the class with dry fire only, because we couldn’t shoot (it was an outdoor range). I then had time to talk about the perfect technique, making them do perfect dry fire so they could do the same with life ammo, mag changes practices and drills, draw from holster, etc. reddawntraThe class end up being great with a lot of practice drills, the ladies told me that even if they didn’t have a chance to shoot the class was worthwhile.  One hour before the class ended the rain slow down for a little bit so we went to the range to shoot for the rest of the class. They did amazing despite the rain, and the cold from being wet, the wind, the mud, etc. This amazing group of women who attended the class never gave up, they sure did their best during the training. It was Awesome.
In the afternoon the rain ceased so the class was smooth, but as always it was a challenge to eliminate student’s bad habits and mental obstacles; but at the end they all left shooting better. And again is was another Successful training day.

Mixon Targets

Red Dawn Training instructors and support team helping me in a rainy day!

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Gabby is most widely known for being a contestant on the TV Show Top Shot Season Four and Top Shot All Stars. She has been involved in competition shooting for more than 20 years. She participated on the XXVII Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia (Sept. 2000). She has won gold and silver medals in many international shooting competitions. Gabby is sponsored by Remington Arms, Bushmaster, Barnes bullets, U.S. Optics and the Women Outdoor Network (WON). Gabby is a host of the NRA TV Show Tips & Tactics, NRA news commentator and NRA Blog contributor. Today, Gabby teaches firearms classes around the country to civilians and Police Departments, but calls Texas her home. In 2013 she published her first book, titled: "Troubleshooting: Mastering Your Pistol Marksmanship."

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