Muscles, Beauty and Guns

Muscles, Beauty and Guns

Who introduced you to firearms?
I started shooting only about 4 or 5 years ago.  My husband has had a permit for several years and I started to take an interest.  When the NYS (un)Safe Act was passed, I wanted to make sure my 2nd Amendment Rights would be upheld and applied for carry permit immediately.

Why did you get interested in learning to shoot?
I am the Town Clerk and Tax Collector for my Town and I am often in the building alone. While we are in a very small town, you just never know and it’s better to be prepared than to wish you had been. My husband and I go to the range as often as we can, with multiple jobs and 3 kids, there isn’t a lot of free time.
How important is for you to protect the second amendment?
Having the right to own a gun means that I am a United States Citizen exercising my rights under the Constitution, as it was written and planned by those brilliant forefathers. It means that I can protect myself and my family if the necessity ever arose. To me, it is one more weapon in my arsenal of self defense techniques that I have learned through studying martial arts.


"Bodybuilding is a constant challenge to do better than I did the last time"
Tell us a little bit about this amazing competition
Training for a physique competition is hard. When I'm preparing for a show, I will start 16-20 weeks "out" from the date of the show. Workouts will be 6 days a week for about an hour then there will be cardio -- the amount of time will depend on my weight and length of time from the show.

The diet is tough but in some ways having a specific meal plan to follow makes life easier -- it takes the guess work out. My coach gives a range of food with measurements so I can choose from the list of suggestions. It's typically a clean diet higher in protein.

I enjoy the process of preparing for a competition. I enjoy the tough workouts and like to challenge myself at every session. I even like the dieting. I think the hardest part is being on a stage with all eyes on me. I'm not one for the spotlight so the hardest part is looking comfortable on stage.

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